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Lighting up Future Chic

Fashion designer Hsiao-Chuang Wen showed four coordinated garments containing subtle rippling light patterns as part of the the recent Future Chic event held in Shanghai, where the pieces won the design innovation award. (more…)

Bright lights on the runway

As part of their 20 year celebrations EasyJet are trialing high tech uniforms and work-wear. Developed with Cutecircuit the clothes are bristling with LED’s and sensors. (more…)

Zac Posen LED dress with a twist


Zac Posen showed off an elegant LED dress at the close of his show during New York Fashion Week. The dress was the result of a collaboration with a number of students from the Google’s Made With Code program. (more…)

Light up your thighs


The “Hikaru Skirts” from Japanese designer Kiyoyuki Amano, use LED’s to create a pool of reflected light around the thighs of the wearer. (more…)

Keeping baby safe – monitoring baby clothes


Fashion design student Peter Li (李俊毅) has created an innovative baby garment that measures the child’s temperature and UV exposure, giving a visual warning should these stray outside normal values. (more…)

Electronic Millinery, Monique Lee interview


A nice interview with artistic milliner Monique Lee, as part of the “Birmingham Made Me” exhibition. The interview includes a description of her recent collaborative work with Lab-Alpha7’s own Paul Gough, exploring the marriage of hats and electronics. (more…)

Garments that metamorphose as you drink


As you drink, and get more drunk, your self esteem and courage expands….what if your clothes started to expand too, physically reflecting your drunken state? (more…)