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Lighting up Future Chic

Fashion designer Hsiao-Chuang Wen showed four coordinated garments containing subtle rippling light patterns as part of the the recent Future Chic event held in Shanghai, where the pieces won the design innovation award. (more…)

Ralph Lauren, Adidas and others sued by Sarvint


I guess it is the sign of a growing industry, the point at which you have your first major patent suit. Start-up company Sarvint Technologies is alleging that many companies making monitoring garments are infringing U.S. Patents No. 6,381,482 and No. 6,970,731; patents that they have exclusive rights to, via a license agreement with Georgia Tech Research. The companies listed are: Athos Works, Inc., MAD Apparel, Inc. (“Athos”), Carre Technologies, Inc. (Hexoskin), OMsignal, Ralph Lauren, Sensoria, Textronics, Adidas North America Inc., and Victoria’s Secret Stores. These companies all make tops or bras that measure heart-rate and in some cases other physiological signs. (more…)

Motion sensitive fashion on the catwalk at 實踐大學

The fashion design students of Shih Chien university (實踐大學) created motion sensitive garments as part of their week long 2013 workshop on electronic fashion. Lab-alpha7’s team member, Paul Gough, ran the workshop with a mix of enthusiastic 1st and 3rd year students. (more…)

Gaultier’s new muse !-)

OK, so this is only loosely related to electronic fashion, but it is about fashion having a sense of humour which I’m all for encouraging. (more…)

Intel invites you to “Make it Wearable”

Intel is sponsoring a number of competitions under the umbrella of “Make it wearables”, where they are encouraging enthusiasts to submit 1 minute videos on possible future wearable concepts, either conceptual or more realisable. To promote this Intel have produced a number of videos showing what an exciting, nascent field this is. (more…)

Waldemeyer’s stark LED costumes for Audi

We missed this when it first came out last year, but some really striking dance costumes for Audi from a collaboration between Moritz Waldemeyer and Erevos Aether. The lighting is used to give hard lines to the jacket, giving a cool SciFi edge…with the helmets it has the feel of a sleek judge Dread!