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Video’s and photos from our electronic fashion workshops and a semester long course in 2019/2020. In the 10 day workshop, fashion design students taking the masters course learn to work with electronic components as new materials, and use them to create unique dynamic garments.

Below we also show some of the output from an 18 week semester long course on Electronic Apparel (Sept 2019 – Jan 2020).

Electronic Apparel Wokshop 2023

The first post-COVID workshop. The theme for this years workshop was Introvert/Extrovert fashion. That is, garments that can, using embedded electronics, go from Introverted to Extroverted. Six teams of master Fashion Design students (4 in a team ) generated six very different interpretations of the design brief.

Thanks to Skylar and the students for generating the video

Electronic Apparel Course 2019 – 2020

During the winter semester (Sept 2019 – Jan 2020) an 18 week Electronic Apparel course was delivered to 3rd year fashion design students.

Electronic Protective Fashion Workshop April 2019

Fashion design students working in teams of 3, together with a graduate engineer, created a set of imaginative electronic garments. The design brief included 21st century retro (taking a design icon from the 20th century and bringing it into the 21st century), far-future fashion and re-imagining workwear for cabin crews. This produced a diverse set of active apparel; watch the video to see.

Electronic Protective Fashion Workshop May 2018

Fashion design students working in teams of 2, together with a graduate engineer, created a electronic garments broadly under the theme of protective fashion. This produced a diverse and imaginative set of active apparel, all the way from a morse code generating top, to a searching eye, reinventing the little black dress, emoji displaying hoodie, all the way through to protective run and cycle wear. Thanks to Wei Ting for putting together such a good video. The video shows the workshop progress and a short video created by each team showing their garment in action.

Electronic Sportswear Workshop May 2017

Combining sportswear and electronics can open up new ways of making training more effective, safer and fun. Fashion design students at Shih Chien University, together with electronic engineers from neighbouring National Taiwan University, took on this creative challenge in a recent 10 day workshop. The outcome was broad range of working garments, from a jacket that gives feedback on posture and arm stability for Olympic target shooting, to a basket ball top that celebrates a basket, to a shoes that measure your cycling cadence and foot position, through to a dancers top with feedback on arm position.

Young and old – Shih Chien University Nov 2015

Master fashion students at Shih Chien University (實踐大學) experiment with the design of electronic garments targeted at the younf and old. This student generated video shows the process and some of the final pieces. Watch out for the night-time slippers that light up when you put your feet in them and help elderly people move safely at night.

Jekyll and Hyde garments – Shih Chien University April 2015

Master students at Shih Chien University (實踐大學) push the boundaries of fashion design; combining clothes and electronics to make unique apparel. The theme of the April workshop was Jekyll and Hyde…clothes that can dramatically change character. This video shows the student designing, preparing and showing their digital creations.

Electronic graduates from neighbouring NTU worked with the fashion design students to bring their concepts to life.

Junior and senior – Shih Chien University 2014

In November master students studying fashion design created electronic garments focused on the young and old, categories that normally get less attention from the electronic garment community. This lead to a whole range of working pieces; from colour sensing boots for infants, to exercise and hand warming gloves for the elderly.

Motion flow – Shih Chien University 2013

This year a mixture of 1st and 3rd year fashion design students created motion sensitive garments that changed with movement.

Sonic Shirt – Shih Chien University 2012

Student videos and photos…

Glowing Apparel – Shih Chien University 2010

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