Category: Garments

Textile muscles to aid movement

A team of researchers at ETH Zürich have developed an upper body garment containing a textile muscle that detects and aids the arm movements of the wearer. (more…)

3D Knit Sleeve for Mars Astronauts

Dava Newman of MIT presented a smart sleeve at the recent MARS (Machine learning, Automation, Robotics, and Space) conference. The knitted sleeve was part of a broader concept of a 3D knitted suit for long-term space travel. (more…)

Smart sock maker Siren raises $9 million

Siren care is a smart textile start-up founded in 2015 and based in California. It has developed a smart sock with embedded temperature sensor to help identify circulation problems in diabetics which, if left unchecked, can lead to serious complications such as amputation. (more…)

NBA top that changes allegiance

Recently, at the NBA NBA’s All-Start Technology Summit, Commissioner Adam Silver reveil the “smart jersey” that can change the name and number on the shirt using a smartphone app. (more…)