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Deforming shirt shows your effort


German designer Simone Schramm has created an experimental deforming sports top. The idea appears to be that through tightening of threads within the garment it can be made to open the surface and reveal colors from a lower layer. (more…)

Sports bra’s in spring from OmSignal


In an interesting article from itbusiness, OmSignal announced that they will be complementing their OmSignal shirts with sports bras. The article also describes the companies evolution from an engineering company to one with a stronger garment emphasis. (more…)

Shape changing films – Unimorph


Controllable movement within a textile or garment has been more aspiration than reality in past years. However, a team at MIT have developed simple shape changing films that is certainly a step along the way. (more…)

Laser cut LED running top

Fashion design student Blair (許亞臻) has created an LED running top that measures the runners movement and synchronises the flashing of the lights to the arm swing. A laser cut outer layer creates a star like effect. (more…)

Vision shirt for intimate sports footage


Both Intel and Telefonica had the first Vision shirt on their respective stands. This shirt can wirelessly broadcast a wide angle view from a small camera placed in the centre of the chest. (more…)

Heart-rate sports bra alters the pace of your music


Heart rate monitoring sports bra’s aren’t something new, but this one from Master student Victoria Sowerby, has a nice twist, it alters the pace of your music according to you beats per minute. (more…)