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Textile muscles to aid movement

A team of researchers at ETH Z├╝rich have developed an upper body garment containing a textile muscle that detects and aids the arm movements of the wearer. (more…)

Pressure sensing textile from LG


A lack of robust textile sensors and electronic components has held up the advance of electronic garments. LG are attempting to fill the gap, with a textile pressure sensor. (more…)

Smart textiles from AiQ


AiQ are a textile company with vision, looking to provide textile platforms for companies further up the value chain. (more…)

Fabric exosuit could make trekking a breeze


When we think of an exoskeleton we usually think of rigid frameworks with hydraulic joints. Well a team at Harvard’s Wyss Institute have attempted to make a soft exoskeleton through the use of fabric. (more…)

The future of wearable technologies


Danielle Wilde works on smart textiles at RMIT university in Melbourne, in a short videos she expresses a number of thoughts on where things are heading. Suzanne Lee’s bioculture research and Helen Storey’s exquisite glass dress both get a mention. (more…)