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Solar T-shirt on show at SXSW


Those lucky enough to be enjoying the Texas sunshine at SXSW may also get to see a rather nice solar shirt catching some photons. (more…)

Heavy breathing quantified using Ralph Lauren’s tech shirt


Although there have been a spate of shirts that integrate heart-rate, respiration and other sensors into sports tops, it is interesting that a non dedicated sports brand, Ralph Lauren, has entered this market. (more…)

Sensoria raises series A investment


Sensoria, a start-up producing sensing garments, has just agreed first round funding to enable further development and promotion of their health and well-being products. Specifically Sensoria have sports bras, t-shirt and socks that track biometric data via their textile sensors embedded within the fabric. (more…)

Tetris T-shirt

Provided you can cope with being prodded in the midriff you can now be a walking game of tetris. (more…)