Heavy breathing quantified using Ralph Lauren’s tech shirt


Although there have been a spate of shirts that integrate heart-rate, respiration and other sensors into sports tops, it is interesting that a non dedicated sports brand, Ralph Lauren, has entered this market. They have recently demonstrated their shirt in action, sending data via Bluetooth to an iOS app. The electronics is apparently detachable, making it possible to clean the top while maintaining the functionality of your investment.

This is quite a brave move from RL as although there is the opportunity to be seen as an innovator in this space, the garment needs to deliver in terms of functionality, accuracy and reliability. This indicates that they believe that the technology has reached a level of maturity suitable for the sports garment market, which is a positive step for the marriage of technology and fashion.

Ball boys at the up and coming US tennis Open will be wearing the shirts.


Source: New York Times, Engadget