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Graphene properties showcased on dress

Cutecircuit have created a dress to highlight some of the properties of graphene, the mono-layers of carbon that have excellent strength and conductivity. (more…)

‘Dress it up’ design shines in the dark

A collaboration between Hongbum Kim (CRES. E DIM. designer) and media artists BANG & LEE produced a stunning radio controlled LED dress, that shone with white light. (more…)

Laser cut LED running top

Fashion design student Blair (許亞臻) has created an LED running top that measures the runners movement and synchronises the flashing of the lights to the arm swing. A laser cut outer layer creates a star like effect. (more…)

A light handbag from Ralph Lauren


Finding things in handbags can be difficult in the dark. Using LED’s integrated into the Ricky bag, Ralph Lauren hopes to shed some light and help solve the problem. The bag also comes with a battery charger; the combined features aiming to make life easier for the owner. (more…)