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Lighting up Future Chic

Fashion designer Hsiao-Chuang Wen showed four coordinated garments containing subtle rippling light patterns as part of the the recent Future Chic event held in Shanghai, where the pieces won the design innovation award. (more…)

Electronic Sportswear Workshop

Combining sportswear and electronics can open up new ways of making training more effective, safer and fun. Fashion design students at Shih Chien University, together with electronic engineers from neighbouring National Taiwan University, took on this creative challenge in a recent 10 day workshop. (more…)

Alarm jacket to keep women safe


Fashion design student Po-Ching Chiu (邱柏菁) has developed an alarm jacket with female safety in mind. Using a combination of flashing LED lights and startling loud sounds the garment gives the impression of giving an electric shock while being perfectly safe. The design includes a convenient pull tag to quickly activate the alarm when under stress. (more…)

‘Dress it up’ design shines in the dark

A collaboration between Hongbum Kim (CRES. E DIM. designer) and media artists BANG & LEE produced a stunning radio controlled LED dress, that shone with white light. (more…)

Motion sensitive fashion on the catwalk at 實踐大學

The fashion design students of Shih Chien university (實踐大學) created motion sensitive garments as part of their week long 2013 workshop on electronic fashion. Lab-alpha7’s team member, Paul Gough, ran the workshop with a mix of enthusiastic 1st and 3rd year students. (more…)

Gaultier’s new muse !-)

OK, so this is only loosely related to electronic fashion, but it is about fashion having a sense of humour which I’m all for encouraging. (more…)