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Graphene properties showcased on dress

Cutecircuit have created a dress to highlight some of the properties of graphene, the mono-layers of carbon that have excellent strength and conductivity. (more…)

Digital protection – air pollution and UV sensing dress


We think of dresses as passive items that we put on and then forget about. However, Fashion designer Kid Wang (王彥熙) challenged that concept with a dress that can respond to the wearers environment, specifically, warning if the air quality or UV light exceed safe limits (被動式防護衣). (more…)

Zac Posen LED dress with a twist


Zac Posen showed off an elegant LED dress at the close of his show during New York Fashion Week. The dress was the result of a collaboration with a number of students from the Google’s Made With Code program. (more…)

‘Dress it up’ design shines in the dark

A collaboration between Hongbum Kim (CRES. E DIM. designer) and media artists BANG & LEE produced a stunning radio controlled LED dress, that shone with white light. (more…)

Updated spider dress from Anouk Wippert


Anouk Wippert has updated her original dress that defended the wearer from objects and persons invading their personal space. Using 3D printing and the extra processing power of the Intel Edison platform, the upgrade has given a more bio aware garment with the striking aesthetics of an intricate exoskeleton. (more…)


3D printing and dressing making are difficult disciplines to successfully bring together. However, the team at nervous systems have created a directly 3D printed dress which drapes naturally over the body and moves like a fabric when the wearer walks. (more…)

Garments that metamorphose as you drink


As you drink, and get more drunk, your self esteem and courage expands….what if your clothes started to expand too, physically reflecting your drunken state? (more…)