Synapse dress displays your level of focus

Anouk Wipperts elaborate, 3D printed sculptured, synapse dress was on show recently at Intel’s Developers Forum. The dress packed a lot of functionality, including a headset that could measure your focus, a front facing camera for proximity detection and LED’s in the detailed printed front. One usage scenario described was that when you were focused and someone came too close, and might disturb you, the lights would brighten to indicate you didn’t want to be approached.

From Intel’s perspective this was an opportunity to show the type of imaginative things that can be created using their Edison platform. Having missed the mobile and tablet wave of devices Intel are working hard to ensure the same does not happen again with the Internet of Things (IoT). From a wearables perspective this is positive as there is another, powerful, component maker creating new devices for us to use. I notice Sparkfun have generated a lot of breakout boards for the Edison making its rich funcationality accessible.



A closer look at the electronics.


Source: 3D print