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Sports bra’s in spring from OmSignal


In an interesting article from itbusiness, OmSignal announced that they will be complementing their OmSignal shirts with sports bras. The article also describes the companies evolution from an engineering company to one with a stronger garment emphasis. (more…)

Heart-rate sports bra alters the pace of your music


Heart rate monitoring sports bra’s aren’t something new, but this one from Master student Victoria Sowerby, has a nice twist, it alters the pace of your music according to you beats per minute. (more…)

Sensoria raises series A investment


Sensoria, a start-up producing sensing garments, has just agreed first round funding to enable further development and promotion of their health and well-being products. Specifically Sensoria have sports bras, t-shirt and socks that track biometric data via their textile sensors embedded within the fabric. (more…)