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Fabric exosuit could make trekking a breeze


When we think of an exoskeleton we usually think of rigid frameworks with hydraulic joints. Well a team at Harvard’s Wyss Institute have attempted to make a soft exoskeleton through the use of fabric. (more…)

The future of wearable technologies


Danielle Wilde works on smart textiles at RMIT university in Melbourne, in a short videos she expresses a number of thoughts on where things are heading. Suzanne Lee’s bioculture research and Helen Storey’s exquisite glass dress both get a mention. (more…)

Stretchable antenna for wearables

One of the factors limiting the integration of electronics and clothes is the availability of flexible components. It is therefore encouraging to see the work on stretch and bendable antenna at North Carolina Uni. (more…)

An uncommon thread – Woven electronics


The Economist has pulled together an excellent article summarising the state of play for conductive fabrics and woven electronics. No surprises, progress continues to be gradual in a range of areas from fabric antennas, to textile skin sensors through to power distribution.