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Almost all you need to know about integrating sensors in clothes


There are now a wealth of sensors that can be integrated into garments, with the potential to turn your clothes into monitoring platforms or all the way through to smart attire. To help those intrepid enough to embark on such an adventure there is an excellent article from Kate Hartman on Make, that is both comprehensive and accessible. (more…)

Updated spider dress from Anouk Wippert


Anouk Wippert has updated her original dress that defended the wearer from objects and persons invading their personal space. Using 3D printing and the extra processing power of the Intel Edison platform, the upgrade has given a more bio aware garment with the striking aesthetics of an intricate exoskeleton. (more…)

Wearable epilepsy monitoring


A wearable garment, the WEMU, consisting of a top and cap is able to monitor epileptic seizures, enabling this, for the first time, to be done outside a clinical environment. (more…)