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Ralph Lauren, Adidas and others sued by Sarvint


I guess it is the sign of a growing industry, the point at which you have your first major patent suit. Start-up company Sarvint Technologies is alleging that many companies making monitoring garments are infringing U.S. Patents No. 6,381,482 and No. 6,970,731; patents that they have exclusive rights to, via a license agreement with Georgia Tech Research. The companies listed are: Athos Works, Inc., MAD Apparel, Inc. (“Athos”), Carre Technologies, Inc. (Hexoskin), OMsignal, Ralph Lauren, Sensoria, Textronics, Adidas North America Inc., and Victoria’s Secret Stores. These companies all make tops or bras that measure heart-rate and in some cases other physiological signs. (more…)

Sensoria raises series A investment


Sensoria, a start-up producing sensing garments, has just agreed first round funding to enable further development and promotion of their health and well-being products. Specifically Sensoria have sports bras, t-shirt and socks that track biometric data via their textile sensors embedded within the fabric. (more…)