Solar charging with Tommy Hilfiger jackets


Tommy Hilfiger, together with solar experts Pvilion, have created a line of solar charging jackets; banishing flat phones and laptops. The solar cells are integrated into panels which can be attached to the jacket. The solar cells themselves are connected to a battery which charges up. It is to this battery that you connect your failing phone or laptop. A genuinely useful function, making use of the large surface area that garments have. The price of this functionality is $600.

The hope is that companies such as Tommy Hilfiger, with their great designers, can make the combination of clothes and technology, sexy and attractive. The evidence from this line of jackets is that there is still some way to go in this department, but I’m pleased to see them experimenting in this area.



Promoting the jacket Tommy Hilfiger has a tongue in cheek video showing the super hero status bestowed, when you have a solar charging jacket!

Source: Digital trends