Why is it so hard to marry fashion and technology?

Very thoughtful article from Katie White, highlighting the problem of successfully moving electronic garments into the mainstream, rather than solitary items on the catwalk. As Matthew Drinkwater points out the supply chains of the electronic tech and clothes makers are radically different and need to be aligned if progress is to practically be made. So 16 years on from the Philips-Levi’s jackets we are not obviously closer to solving the problem in the arena of fashion. However, it may be in other aspects of clothing, for example medical, sports and work wear, where the strides are made. In these cases the functionality of the garment is vital and provides the incentive required to bring the supply chains together. Therefore, it may be that, in this case, fashion does not lead the way but the more prosaic clothes industries that take the initiative. Of course new fashion designers will be hungry for technology that gives them opportunities for innovation on the catwalk, so still expect to see tech striding occasionally at the fashion shows.

Source: Wareable